Sabres Photo Wish List
A message from the webmaster...
In preparing to build this site, I've spent countless hours trying to gather the various photos that you see on this site. Some were "borrowed" from various places around the World Wide Web.  The majority are scans of photos from my own collection of hockey cards, Sabres team yearbooks, media guides and calendars, books and magazines about the NHL and the Buffalo Sarbes.  All in all, I've managed to come up with photos for most of the players who will be profiled on this site. 

For most of the players, I have multiple photos.  Those pics which don't appear on the players' bio pages, will eventually be collected and posted as a Sabres photogallery on this site. 

Though I've managed to collect hundreds of Sabres photos, there are still several players that I've not been able to find useful photos of.  The players listed below are the ones that I am in need of photos of.  For some of these players, I've found photos of them with other teams, or out of uniform.  For others, I have only head-and-shoulder shots, and nothing of them on the ice.  For a few of the players listed below, I haven't been able to find any pictures at all.  In any case, what I'm looking for are medium to high quality photos, preferably in Sabres uniforms.  For those players that did play in both the new and old uniforms, I am mainly looking for picutres in the old (blue & gold) uniforms.

Any help you might have for me in gathering photos of any of the players on this list would be much appreciated, and rewarded with a credit on the pages where the photo(s) will appear. 

If you've found photos online, please email me with the URL of the photos, or a link to the page on which the photos can be found at the address above.  If emailing photos, please use the words "Sabres Photo(s)" in the subject header.  Any email attachments from unknown sources without those words in the subject line will be deleted unopened.  The name of the player and your name as you'd like it to appear in the credits on this site, should also be included in the text of the email.

Again, I thank you in advance for any help you might be able to provide in this matter.
The Players (seasons with team in parentheses):
Peter Ambroziak (1994-95)
Terry Ball
James Black
John Blue
Paul Brydges
Mike Byers
Randy Cunneyworth
     In OLD uniform only)

Dale DeGray
Jeff Eatough
Darren Eliot
Mark Ferner
Ron Fischer
Jody Gage
Paul Gardner
Jere Gillis
Francois Guay
Richard Hajdu
Paul Harrison
Jim Hofford (1985-87)
Bill Houlder (1990-93)
Charlie Huddy (1994-97)
Brent Hughes (1995-96)
Pat Hughes (1985-86)
Randy Ireland (1978-79)
Dane Jackson
Jim Jackson
Val James
Grant Jennings
Timo Jutila
Trent Kaese
Larry Keenan
Jim Korn
Tom Kurvers
Francois Lacombe
Jean-Guy Lagace
Chris Langevin
Reed Larson
Real Lemieux
Don Lever
(1985-87- as player)
David Littman
Bob Logan
Steve Ludzik
Dave McLlwain
Bryan McSheffrey (1974-75)
Don McSween (1987-90)
Dean Melanson (1994-95)
Scott Metcalfe (1987-90)
Barrie Moore (1995-97 - BOTH
     old and new uniforms)

Phil Myre
Scott Nichol
(1995-98- BOTH
     old and new uniforms)

Wilf Paiement
Greg Paslawski
Scott Pearson
Brian Perry
Wayne Ramsey
Mark Renaud
Bob Richer
Geordie Robertson
Darryl Shannon
(1995-96 -
     In OLD uniform only)

Steve Smith
Kai Suikkanen
Morris Titanic
Doug Trapp
Claude Verret
Jim Walsh
Rod Zaine